Who Partners with John: 

  1. Family Court Systems and advocacy groups,

  2. Schools and affiliated educational supporting organizations,

  3. Non-Profits, Art Alliances, Community Developers

  4. Counties, cities, and urban development groups

Why they Partner with John:

  1. Turnkey, insured, and credentialed, easy to implement

  2. Uses specifically developed, artistic empowerment techniques and tools

  3. 100% participation, even large groups

  4. All participants contribute to the design and content.

  5. Focused on targeted outcomes

  6. Inspires ownership and goal sharing.

  7. Potential funding resources and partnerships  

Teaching Artist, collaborative Murals, Whimsical Fine Art


Creative Value Through Storytelling

Storytelling has always been an essential and effective part of human communication and why John Donato collaborative murals are so valued and effective. John’s murals utilize all the communicative benefits of storytelling while providing extraordinary, hands on artistic experiences that present insights and sensitivities to the subject matter and their community audience. 

Why are Collaborative Murals so Special?

More than art, more than one artist - these are custom mural programs with storytelling qualities.  Their focus is targeted at specific learning goals and created with input and effort from all participants.  This collaborative process empowers students to craft their messages.  The resulting mural embodies diverse and compelling visual references linking pertinent theories, experiences, choices, and goals.

The art tells their story, leaving a conversational legacy of messages that inspire awareness, values, ideals and reflection for generations.

​Collaborative Murals that Count

 John’Donato, a self-taught artist best known for whimsical murals of brilliant color, high energy, and possess storytelling qualities that suck you into the content.  What most do not realize is they are focused on educating, and most often, painted by the entire community they educate. 

John is a collaborative teaching mural artist, so he rarely paints alone.  His mantra, “The more hands on the art - the better the art!”.  So often, John can be found in his paint spattered coveralls, working with entire schools, family courts, cities and non-profits producing public murals that serve as living legacies for the thousands of voices that help paint them.

John possesses a rare combination of whole-brain thinking skills that mold the unique painting experiences offers.  John leverages 30 years of business experience as a marketing strategist and project manager, graphic designer, photographer, and visual communications specialist.  This results in storytelling murals that generate community-wide interest and ownership, self-awareness, idea sharing and personal growth with a fixed focus on educational goals.  And they look good too.