Murals, Fine Art, and More.   

John Donato is an accomplished and celebrated American fine artist and muralist. John is best recognized for creating large-scale  community murals and widely collected whimsical works of fine art on canvas and wood.  Whichever size or material, John's creations are uniquely styled, fun, engaging, and inspiring. 

John's art is often described as having "Smile Impact" - irresistible compositions that capture attention, induce smiles, and nudge observers toward a more joyful mindset.

John works with communities, schools, non profits, and businesses.  A well-known community collaborator, John develops and facilitates large and small art projects which help communities, children, teachers, and administrators reinforce educational and social goals.  The programs offer community, employee, or student participation and transform interior and exteriors into stunning public artwork.  If you would like to learn more, or get a quote, please contact John using the information below.



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Teaching Artist, collaborative Murals, Whimsical Fine Art