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John Donato Art 

John Donato creates whimsical works of art that are fun, engaging, and inspiring.  John specializes in creating art with "Smile Impact" in a way that allows individuals and groups to participate and experience the craft in a safe and stress-free forum.  John collaborates with communities, schools, and businesses; anywhere required for others to access this unique creative experience.  John is very well known for his transformational mural work in schools.  His art projects help children, teachers, and administrators reinforce educational and social goals using mural painting.  The programs offer 100% student participation including community engagement in order to transform hallways and lobbies into stunning and meaningful educational galleries.

John is also an accomplished fine artist with works of art collected and enjoyed throughout the world.  Enjoy John's site, soak up some bright colors, and prepare to smile.  Please feel free to visit John's  Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy pages to see even more whimsical creations and projects.